Why Watercolor

I prefer Watercolor because I enjoy the process of laying the pigment on paper, the transparency, spontaneity and the ease of painting the shapes and colors I want and the look of the finished work. Watercolor pigments provide a wide variety of effects: hard and soft edge, layering, transparent or opaque and granulation. It is just a fascinating medium.

The subjects I paint are mostly realistic yet uniquely rendered by choices of colors, shapes. I really enjoy the process of creating vibrant colors next to each other and designing my compositions. The great Ed Whitney, instructor in design and watercolor, taught “an artist is a shape maker, a symbol collector and an entertainer”. I set this as a goal.

With all painters, as knowledge and understanding of self grows through experience it brings a uniqueness and freedom to the art work

Talent is a gift. Instruction can be acquired. I am grateful for both
Painting is a journey for me. There always is something more to paint.

I enjoy the teaching aspect of painting; seems it is just part of who I am.

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