Tiger Lilies

A new offering...seems I have been in an artistic slump, I have been thinking my paintings are too defined. I wanted a new direction, did not know what to do.I got out Shirley Trevena's Book and got motivated, so here it is...not so defined, more wet,mingling color transitions. I l think I like it. what do you think.

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Kay said...

I like it a lot. Tiger lilies are the perfect subject for a burst of dynamism.

When I have had such slumps I "break out" by setting up a bold arrangement, a limited palette, and a time constraint. Usually I paint wet on wet, go "like the clappers" and end up with something much fresher and more pleasing than my usual galze upon glaze work. Then after vowing to stay loose and free, I tie myself down again... but I also like my more deliberate, peaceful, multi-glaze approach too. A place for all methods...