Wednesday’s Wash Demo

Below are studies-not completed paintings- in preparation of the Demo at South Side Neighborhood art happening…..thought I would make some comments.

   These two studies in the top row were made a couple of years ago in preparation of a demo out-of-town. I liked the right one better than left because the color was more pleasing to me; the warm color of tree was a good color; the blue is appealing to me. But there seems to be no color dominance, meaning the blue, green and red are fighting with each other for control. Another problem is ½ building ½ backgrounds. I did a poor job of filling the page with the subject matter. And now the tree is not overlapping the house and feels too separate. The tricycle in front of and overlapping the porch is better than bike leaning on side.

This blue/gray one seemed to dreary and same problem of lack of dominance

The composition of this yellow one seems better.
The building is larger, takes up more space-it is more dominant, approaching 2/3 to 1/3 ratio, and therefore better… The clothes, trike, woman and box of pumpkins fill the rest of page nicely and give entertainment.

Both of these are better compositions because we now have greater dominance in many areas—the larger building, the warmer color, repetition of the warm in papa, mama baby pieces, which have variety in clear colors with gradual change to more neutral warm.
Now we have the actual demo given Wednesday March 14 at the South Side Neighborhood art happening. I like it the best.
•The major space division, ratio of building to background at least 2/3 to 1/3.
•Warm dominance with variety and gradations, harmonious repetitions.
•Happy. Upbeat colors
•Variety of size- large medium small
•Well defined center of attraction with high color contrast and high value contrast.
•Variety of texture
•And painted free of futzing.
•Could have had a larger shadow on the roof.
•Four corners different in shape ,color and value.
•Modified edges –no bright stuff in corner.
I pretty much like it.

The photo was taken 3-4 years ago across the Mississippi River in Minnesota in apple county. The house has been torn down. I am glad to be able to remember it in a painting. Ellen Roles

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