Between The Bluffs Plein Air Event

Between The Bluffs Plein 2013   4th and Main   11x14  watercolor, acrylic finish
 Between The Bluffs Plein 2013  Dublin Square   11x14  watercolor, acrylic finish


Between The Bluffs Plein 2013  BitterSweet     11x14  watercolor, acrylic finish
After returning from that   great kayak adventure, I started prep for this Between the Bluffs Plein Air Event (Plein Air is a French term meaning ‘outdoors or open air).  For those not familiar with La Crosse, we are located on the Mississippi River, between the Minnesota and Wisconsin bluffs.
The idea of this first ever contest here in the Coulee Region was to paint within 10 miles of La Crosse at an outside location.  Sooo, I got excited and really want to do this, paid the entry fee and got my name on the list.  For one reason, it has been in my mind to “do Downtown” again and was glad for the incentive.  Secondly, I thought I could do as well as the rest.  I put the pressure on me, got uptight, and could not do anything.  Three different folks told me to just enjoy the plein air painting …three said enjoy.  So, by the third day, Wednesday, I was able to enjoy and painted all of these shown here.
Then, Thursday was Quick Paint Day…to be finished in two hours.  At the awards immediately following, it was obvious to me that I was out of my element.    My completion was seasoned   plein air oil painters   .  My work looked more like an unfinished, ill-conceived sketch.
So I go then  Artist’s Exhibit, Reception And Sale on Saturday evening, feeling very much  humbled by the whole experience, determined to learn more and paint better.  Knowing we artists  ‘are in process’.  I walk in the door to find one of my efforts had sold….the first sale of the evening.  Then later the other two sold.   Folks made positive comments. So now I am happy.  What is it all about?
Between The Bluffs Plein Air Event   The La Crosse Arts Initiative

I learned some things from Ken DeWaard, watching him paint on location, for which I am grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen, Went to the gallery to view the plein air paintings. Loved the freshness of your watercolors. Great work.
Deloras Vind